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"That's music to my ears! A good woof hello tells me your dog is ready to go play with the pack. It's a sound I've been hearing almost everyday for the last 17 Years as a Professional Dog Walker.

I work with many different breeds, ages, sizes and temperaments. As Pack Leader, your dog will always get love and positive reinforcement from me. My motto is simple, "When you're away for the day, or away for a while, Pack Heights is here for you!"

Pack Heights is an obvious and, hopefully clever, homonym of the truncated nick name of the Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco that is world famous for it's residents and their amazing homes. It's our privilege to be able to borrow the name and to serve these residents. I endeavor to live up to the world class service you'd expect from a company named after one of the most historic neighborhoods on the planet.


- James Juanillo, Owner of Pack Heights


“My little tea cup terrier Scout was out with James and his pack when he suddenly collapsed unconscious on the trail. James noticed he was not with the pack and double backed to find Scout unresponsive and limp. He immediately administered PetCPR and used the "taco" method for small dogs to recesitate Scout. James, while mananging all the other dogs as well, quickly brought Scout to his vet at Pet's Unlimited. He was treated for a previously undiagnosed heart arrhythmia. He is happy and alive today because of his medication, and of course, James!"

Matt, Scout's owner


When You're Away for the Day

or Away for a While-

Pack Heights is Here for your Dog!


“Sometimes, work requires me to travel for days at a time, sometimes on fairly short notice. I've depended on James numerous times since he started walking my labrador Rose to board with him.  I am always delighted with how Rose reacts to seeing him. She's ESCTATIC to see him. On top of that, James knows I miss her dearly and sends pics and texts letting me know how she's doing on a daily basis. He always takes my calls or responds immediately to my texts, first class customer service!"

Kym, Rose's owner


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