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Dog Walking: Socialize, Exercise & Evacuate


Let's face it, city dogs have the same needs as country dogs. To run free for a while. To make new friends and catch up with old ones. To make room for more water and treats! Dogs, large and small, need to socialize, exercise and evacuate sometime during mid-day while you're away at work. If they don't, you'll notice anxiety, destructive behaviour and ugh, messy accidents. Bad habits start to form from boredom and lonliness. Don't feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone. I will make sure they have the best time outside possible. I've dedicated my life to making sure that the dogs of Pack Heights can S.E.E. everyday!

Our Daily Routine!

This is how the service works. We consult together to best determine the window of time that your particular dog can expect to go out. I will also factor in size, breed, activity level and temperment in recommending the best group for your dog.


Your dog's pack will be picked up and dropped off in a safe, secure, comfortable vehicle inspected by SF's Animal Care and Control. I will take them to one of many beautiful off leash dog parks like Lafayette Park or Alta Plaza Park, or even out to the Presidio and Chrissy Field if weather and pack size permit. They will have "paws on the ground" for 45-60 minutes off leash group play time daily, depending on conditions. They will, on average, be out of the house anywhere from 2-2.5 hours a day, more or less depending on the dogs in the pack that day.


They will play bond with their pack and their pack leader, making every adventure a stress free, fun play time for your dog. Treats will be awarded to reinforce good behaviour and recall, and water will be provided after the walk to make sure everyone is well hydrated. 


Should we track any visible mud, dirt, foxtails or other foreign bodies, we will do our best to clean the paws and coat of our dogs to ensure a worry free release back into your home.  We will then secure your dog safely and then your property by leaving you a short report and locking the doors and alarms after we go. 


And we do it every week day,  Monday-Friday, except for Federal Holidays!

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