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FAQ's and Answers:


Do you have any references?

Yes, many. I've been in the local business, servicing the same area, for fourteen years now, from 2007 to 2021. If your dog has been approved for group play and you have requested a service contract to review, I am happy to provide you with as many references as you need to feel assurred that your dog is in the best possible hands. 


How are you different from your competition? 

Whether you are considering day care options or other dog walking companies, the difference is clear. For a very competative price,

I provide proven, reliable and dependable customer service that my clients have come to trust and rely on. Whether rain, fog or sunshine, I walk my pack and get them back home safe. My pet sitting service is like NONE other in the city, my first class accomodations for pet sitting need to be seen to be believed. Why stay in a kennal, when your dog can stay in a Pacific Heights mansion? And of course, we provide a clean, well maintained, safe, secure and spacious vehicle to and from the dog park. Your dogs will be off leash for 45-60 minutes and get to be dogs everyday. They will be returned home well hydrated, happy and spent. You will have the benefits of a well behaved, socialized and healthy companion for years to come!


What areas do you service?

As the company name implies, I primarily service Pacific Heights. Pacific Heights Residents Association defines the neighborhood as inside Van Ness Avenue to the East, Union Street to the North, Presidio Avenue to the West and Bush Street to the South. This does define where my core clientiele are located. However, I am also serving a handful of surrounding neighborhoods: The Marina, Cow Hollow, Presidio Terrace, Presidio Heights and Laurel Heights. Pet Sitting Clients are Welcome from Anywhere.


How Do I get Started?

Call me today at (415) 609-6254 for a free, no obligation evaluation walk. I'll learn about your dog. You'll learn more about my business. Then we can talk about your particular dog's needs and evaluate what services I can recommend and what groups might be best suited for your needs. 



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