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Hiring a new dog walker? Ask Questions!

Dog Walking is Serious Business!


Not all dog walkers are created equal.  Ask for these credentials before you hand over Rover!

At Pack Heights, I am proud to answer YES to ALL of these important considerations:


1) Do they have a valid SF Business License? Do they have a Commercial Dog Walking permit issued to them personally by SF Animal Care & Control? Are they a professional, vetted and fully trained dog walker?


2) Are they Dog CPR/First Aid certification currently valid for this year? Have they ever used CPR to save a dog? Are their skills up to date?


3) Are they bonded and insured up to $1 Million in General Liability to protect you, your pet and your property? Will they provide you with quality references from clients who have hired them for at least 4 consecutive, consistent years?


4) Does your dog walker live in SF? Or another city entirely? Will they be able to walk your dog reliably and promptly every day? Where will they host a pet sit? Will it be close to your veterinarian? Ask, the answers matter! 



When You're Away for the Day

or Away for a While-

Pack Heights is Here for you


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