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Pet Boarding in a Historic Mansion?

Are your dogs pampered? Yes? 

Well, we can help pamper them a little bit more!


Would you book a hotel room without having seen a couple pictures of the room or facade first? Without knowing it's location and amenities? Of course not! So why would you do less for your dog?


Have you actually seen where your dog will be staying when they pet sit with a typical dog walker? It's usually some cramped space with no backyard or room to roam around. It's probably a good distance to the nearest dog park. They might even have to leave the city with your dog, away from your local vet and familiar ground. 


Unlike most, I service, live and work in Pacific Heights. I walk your dogs where they are familiar. I board dogs in a home you'd find spacious. We have our own, private backyard for their outdoor leisure. We live across the street from a newly, renovated $10 million dollar, dog friendly park-Lafayette Park, complete with dog run and water stations.  Every night, your dog has personal, one on one, pet care. Why pay for a tiny, crowded kennel?  You can have a historic Victorian, literally a home recognized and included in the Register of Historic Places. Unlike the general tourist, or other pet sitters, you are welcome to come inside, look around and see where your dog will be staying while you're away. Come on in!


Reserve your stay with us now! $100 a night for Clients who qualify. No minimum stay required.  We're just like a hotel, check in at 3PM, check out at 12PM.

Free drop off & pick up service for regular full time clients, check in and check out times do not apply to full time dogs with regular pick ups and drop offs.




Any accepted booking with a Federal Holiday includes a holiday surcharge of $40 a night. For example:

If you are booking 4 over nights total: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday; and Monday is the actual Federal Holiday:

Walk In Clients would be quoted at $140 ($100 regular walk in rate plus $40 holiday rate) a night or $560 total. 

These quotes apply to small-large sized dogs. We unfortunately cannot accomodate gigantic sized dogs, over 80 pounds, but are available to house sit depending on location and availability. 


Call (415) 609-6254 to inquire about availability today!







When You're Away for the Day

or Away for a While-

Pack Heights is Here for you


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