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A La Carte Menu of Optional Services


As a FULL TIME CLIENT,  Pack Heights, LLC will provide many FREE Perks:

I am happy to bring in the paper, set the alarms, put on lights, refill water bowls, feed the fish-any number of things having access to your home makes possible! If there's something you'd like for me to do that's not listed here, please ask!


In addition, I am happy to offfer these A La Carte Menu Options for a nominal fee that ONLY Pack Heights clients may take advantage of:



Can't take Rover to the Vet? Or bring him back? I can do that for you! Great for trips to the Vet, the favorite Groomer or even Doggy Day Care.

$40 One Way/$75 Round Trip, Flat Fee if within Pack Heights, LLC Service Area



Did your accidentally lock yourself out? It can cost you hundreds of dollars to call a locksmith. Contact me and I might be able to help-

$35 during Business Hours 9am-5pm M-F, $90 during Off Hours and Weekends.


Sometimes, dogs get sick. If your dog has an accident at your home before we get there, I am happy to clean it up and notify you of the problem and make recommendations, for an earlier group if appropriate or a change in diet if needed. However, if it is a timing issue that cannot be avoided and might occur on a regualr basis, I can clean up any accidents for a per incident fee of $40 to cover extra time, cleaning materials and disposal. Photos of accidents will be kept for client review.



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